Repairs needed on Upsala pumper truck

After the Emergency Apparatus Maintenance in Lino Lakes inspected the Upsala Fire Department’s pumper truck, several valves were found to be leaking.

Fire Chief Jay Baggenstoss told the Council that because of the type of water that Upsala has, some of the valves on the pumper truck had started to erode.

“We could probably live with those things leaking when we’re out doing operations. But if it is just sitting in the hall, leaking, then we’re not going out of the hall with a full truck and it’s not being efficient,” Baggenstoss told the Council.

Baggenstoss said that even though the Fire Department has had the pumper truck for 13 years, it wasn’t until two or three years, annual tests were done.

Baggenstoss told the Council he had previously suggested that annual tests be performed by Emergency Apparatus Maintenance. The inspection costs about $1,000.

“It should be done and is really a good way of keeping up maintenance,” Baggenstoss said.

Baggenstoss said one way to help prevent erosion of the valves is to drain the valves periodically, to keep water from sitting.

“If we do this, we shouldn’t have to do this (repair or replace the valves) for a long time again,” Baggenstoss said.

Even though there are some valves that are leaking, the pumper truck has passed the inspection, Baggenstoss said.

“We’re very happy with this truck, have no beef whatsoever with it, but this is just one of these maintenance things,” Baggenstoss said.

To maintain the pumper truck at this time, the pump intake gauge will need to be replaced, as well as some of the valves need to be replaced or repaired. The total cost for the repairs and replacements will be $3,686.

“When it comes to the valves leaking, the reality is that this is the true lifeline for a lot of the guys that are on the other end of the hose. If these things are not working properly, then we are not doing our citizens any good,” Baggenstoss said.

The Council approved the total repair and replacement costs.

Baggenstoss said Emergency Apparatus Maintenance will be in the Upsala area in about a month. The pumper truck will then be repaired.


Upsala City Council Briefs

In other business Monday, the Upsala City Council:

  • Approved Misty Myers with the National Joint Powers Alliance as its city attorney;
  • Heard from maintenance man, Frank Koopmeiners, that a farm hydrant by the baseball field was turned off since it kept running. Since it was shut down, the monthly usage of water has decreased significantly;
  • Heard from Koopmeiners that the lift station is back up and running as it should be. A new pump was installed recently;
  • Heard from Garrett Doucette with the Rescue Squad that they recently learned that they needed someone to be present at the Council meetings. Doucette told the Council he had been appointed as representative; and
  • Discussed possibly getting a server for City Hall, so that documents can be accessed easier. Currently documents are only available on the computer the city clerk uses.

The Upsala City Council’s next regular meeting will be Monday, April 3, at 7 p.m. at the Fire Hall.

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