Specialty Publications & Magazines

The Specialty Publications department was established 17 years ago.  It is designed to help local organizations produce and distribute magazines, guides and specialized publications.  Our staff will sell the advertising space, design individual ads, layout the section as a whole, print the final product, and develop/define a distribution network.

The department, led by the Director of Specialty Publications & Magazines, consists of 3 sales representatives and a team of graphic designers dedicated to the production of specialty publications & magazines.

  • Chamber of Commerce Membership Directories
  • City Maps
  • Community Resource Guides
  • Playbills
  • Special Event Publications
  • Newsletters
  • Custom Magazines
  • Direct Mail

To discuss your personalized project, please contact:

Cheri O’Bannon
Director of Specialty Publications & Magazines, MN & WI
cell: 952-567-4241