About The Company

ECM Publishers, Inc. is a publishing, printing, digital media and distribution company that operates in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Started in 1976 as the vision of founder Elmer L. Andersen, the Company has grown from one paid circulation weekly newspaper and shopper to its current operations which include 49 publications. Most of these newspapers are printed at the company’s Princeton web printing plant. The market includes more than 650,000 homes.

ECM Publishers employs more than 390 full and part-time associates in four product lines: publications, printing, digital media and distribution.

Adams Publishing Group purchases ECM Publishers, Inc.

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Mission Statement

ECM Publishers, Inc. exists to serve and benefit our customers, associates, shareholders and communities by:

  • Gathering and communicating information
  • Providing superior products and services
  • Promoting and maintaining excellence throughout our operations
  • Operating honestly, ethically and with respect for all with whom we deal
  • Participating actively in community betterment
  • Contributing to individual freedom, peace and justice in the world